Friday, February 2, 2007

"Our Launch Gift"

All the schools that came to the OLA Forest of Reading Launch received a challenge: bring an activity to share with other schools. Mega-thanks to Helen K. for her presents; she gave out a Forest of Reading Bingo and an Anagram This! activity. I was a little preoccupied on Wednesday (what with having 46 kids there plus a migraine combined with laryngitis and nausea) so I forgot to give my gift.

The link above is the gift.

In our board we use our e-mail system to set up online literature circles to discuss the Forest of Reading books. Those outside the board cannot access the posts. The URL above is my/our first attempt at a broader version of those online literature circles. It is in its early draft form - if you get a chance, take a peek and tell us how to improve it. Thanks to Ron, the husband of one of our teachers, for learning the software and putting this together.

Back to the launch - it was a super event. There were these "get-to-know-you" scavenger hunts. We were able to snafu about 4 prizes to give to those who were first to complete their sheet entirely and within the guidelines. By about 1:15, the pile of completed entries was thicker than my arm! Next time - MORE PRIZES! (We learned lots about what to do and what not to do so hopefully if or when we do something like this again, we will improve it tremendously.)

Okay, better catch up on sleep (and polish off the handouts) in time for Saturday!

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