Sunday, February 4, 2007

Itchy Fingers

I have to say I left the conference and ran home straight to my computer. Two days without my ecommunities left me with what I call itchy fingers. I have spent Saturday and Sunday exploring Stephen Heppell's web site and any other site he may have mentioned. I began work on my wiki, adjusted my blog and shared all sorts of information with my online learning colleagues around Canada.

I have to agree with Anita about the information stimulation....I was exhausted but my mind wouldn't stop running through the different ideas and how I would like to see them reflected in my library and in classrooms in my school.

Compliments to the conference planners, the common thread of community and the changing interpretation of community ran throughout every session I attended. The power and importance of the social net for our net gen students reconfirmed my own beliefs and encouraged me to keep on working with teachers to buy in and accept it!

On a personal note, I left the conference with what I call technolust....I need a MAC! I have already begun shopping. It is time to join the MAC club. :)

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Markle said...

Congratulations to the organizers of this conference. I left with so many ideas and a re-kindled excitement for library programs. I wish that there was more time for hands-on application for some of the ideas, like wikis and blogging. I look forward to next year.