Saturday, February 3, 2007

After the conference...

Well, eight sessions, three plenaries, hours in the EXPO, networking and, ahem, socialising later, and I'm done (and exhausted). What a great conference! My favourite session was the OSLA spotlight session, in which Stephen Heppell talked about the possibilities for learning. I had never heard him speak before, and was overwhelmed at his passion for what he does. He has inspired me to start thinking about the way we work in the library, and how we can design our space better in order to help our students get the most out of their learning experience.
Other favourite sessions included this morning's Top Tech Trends session, and the session on Web 2.0 that I attended on Thursday morning, entitled Is Social Software Too Social? Speakers from the Globe & Mail, CBC, and a lawyer discussed the possibilities and implications of a social web. I'm looking forward to reading back through my notes, and following up on the notes I made, searching the web for examples of 'where things work well'.
Congratulations to all those who worked so hard to make the conference a success!

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