Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Reading Gala Gals

Peggy Thomas, Donna Rea and Hazel Hutchins

I had the pleasure this evening of meeting three fabulous leaders in children's literature, fresh(?) from their Forest of Reading Gala experience. The gala was a great success, by all accounts. Pictured above are Peggy Thomas, OLA Reading Council chair and incoming president of OSLA, Donna Rea from NBS, generous sponsors of the Forest of Reading, and Hazel Hutchins, author of two titles nominated for Silver Birch, Sarah and the Magic Science Project (SB Fiction) and TJ and the Sports Fanatic (SB Express).

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TL-in-TO said...

You can tell by the looks on their faces that they were having a blast! Multiply that by about a thousand and you'll get an idea how the kids felt about meeting all those authors! If we could have harnessed the electricity floating in that room, we could have paid to heat the MTCC for the rest of the conference! More on the launch later. Thanks for posting the pic!