Thursday, February 1, 2007


Last night's speaker Cory D. was way cool. He is one of the most literate computer dudes I have ever heard speak. As good a Stephen Lewis, and just as enthralling as Ralph Nader. I love the conference as they give me the chance to hear inspiring speakers like these for the price of admission. The after reception was great and full of chessy goodness -ie. swiss, chedder, blue...... Lots of familier faces and F-U-N!

My first session was the "Kids are Keen for French books." I don't think that people know the amazing resources en francais that are out there. There is this one series that kids write into the "genius" with their science questions. They publish the answers and the questions in a book. This way the kids get to see their own questions in print. How empowering is that!

Anyway, off to the afternoon sessions. Need caffine, fading fast.................


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