Monday, January 29, 2007

My Pre-SuperConference Weekend

From reading the first few posts in this blog, I certainly get the sense that we are all getting excited, and trying to build up our stamina! I spent the weekend huddled over my laptop, working on my presentations for the conference. I'm finally starting to get the sense of calm that sets in when you think you are more or less ready.

I'm very enthused about the theme for this year's conference, Solutions in a Changing Landscape. The information and the information technology landscapes are certainly changing rapidly. Although in my "day job" I am very involved in ICT in the curriculum, I find that I learn the most about the cutting edge at SuperConference. We are so fortunate to have this association, which is always looking forward at the big ideas. The other great strength of the conference is the opportunity to learn from our colleagues in other library sectors.

So, I'm preparing to be stimulated and ultimately exhausted. See you all there!

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