Tuesday, January 23, 2007


So Superconference time is nearing and I cannot wait to go!!! I love the excitement of learning new things, talking with other librarians and having a great time in ole TO!

Yes, you guessed it - I'm a conference newbie. This will be my third OLA conference. Better than all the others! I have my schedule planned out, my car pool arranged, and even a breakfast with an author arranged!

I anticipate that I shall sleep for three days after it ends, but all the free stuff from the expo, and the knowledge that I will gain is sooooo worth it.

Not signed up yet folks??? YOU should be. It's one of the few times we library staffers run TO - watch out locals, the bun squad is coming!


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Elsa said...

I am not a newbie but am also excited about OLA conference this year because there are a great variety of sessions to choose from this year.

But most importantly, I will get to see some old friends who have moved on to different places, in around province and continent, after graduation. It will just be wonderful to catch up with friends and colleagues and see what they have been up to and how they are making changes in their libraries.

I usually pick and choose what I want when I am at the conference (even with prior consideration) but this year, I am able to decide exactly which sessions to attend for the next two days.

And I can't wait to check out the Expo. I know the Ministry of Education will have a booth there to help librarians who may want to start a homework club. That will be one booth I am heading...

Til tomorrow, Elsa =>